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Approaching girls on Singapore streets [Daygame set #2]: girl – “i’m not shy, just feeling awkward”

28 Jun

Sometimes it is really hard in DayGame when the girl doesn’t help you out. The conversation becomes very one-sided & very interview-like. This set was pretty much like that. *GROANS*


Pre-Approach Assessment of DayGame Set

Location: – Outside a neighborhood mall (along the North-East Line)

Girl details: – The girl was sitting all alone outside the mall in an open area, seemingly waiting for someone. She looked kind of young (but whatever la huh, this is just for conversational practice ).

Daygame dating blog Singapore set2 shy girl

Little Miss Shy


DayGame Dialogue

Phronesis: Excuse me

*girl gives shy look*

Phronesis: I just saw you sitting alone, and i thought you looked really cute, so i came over to talk to you

girl: *smiles* oh okay *silence*

Phronesis: So you stay around here?

girl: yah*silence*

Phronesis: You look like a student, are you in poly?

girl: yah*silence*

[Insert some more random questions that i asked her, that resulted in the same predictable short responses]

*felt that i was pretty screwed anyway. so i decided to do some market research instead to check how girls feel on being approached*

Phronesis: Hmm, you seem a little scared, am i scaring you?

girl: er, no.. not scared.. just feeling awkward

Phronesis: Hmm, you’re not scared.. but you feel awkward because it’s the first time someone has approached and talked to you like this?

girl: yah.. *faint smile*

*super suay this time – THE BOYFRIEND COMES*

Phronesis: *looking at boyfriend* Hi !

*boyfriend gives me a faint smile + a “who is this!?” look to girlfriend*

Phronesis: *looking at girl* See you 😉 and pleasure meeting you.


Post-Approach Analysis of DayGame Set:

  • I guess sometimes in DayGame, we also tend to meet people who are less socialized, and these are people who are less comfortable with holding a conversation with a stranger (Even if you flash your most harmless smile that is famous for disabling aunties)
  • The set was not giving me any answers that I could feed on to build a conversation
  • I responded (perhaps poorly) by asking more questions

Things I will do to improve future DayGame sets:

  • I am beginning to feel that open-ended questions may not work as well as I thought. Because when the girl is shy, it WILL become an interview, and that is a place we do not want to head
  • Perhaps I will have to think of content about myself to “feed” the girl, to allow her to pick-off these topics and ask ME questions..




Approaching girls on Singapore streets [Daygame set #1]: girl – “you guys playing Truth or Dare right?”

27 Jun

This girl I picked-up during DayGame thought i was playing “Truth or Dare” with my male friends — Maybe she was right. Maybe i was playing “Dare”, but only with myself. 😉


Pre-Approach Assessment of DayGame Set

Location: Outside a neighborhood mall

Girl details: Girl was ta-paoing food for family i think — she was carrying a lot of packeted food

Daygame dating blog (singapore) - set1-Truth or dare

DayGame Dialogue

*Girl looks like she’s walking towards bus interchange*

Phronesis: Excuse me,

*girl stops*

Phronesis:i saw you walking.. and i thought that you looked really interesting.. so i came over to talk to you.

*girl giggles*

girl: you guys playing “Truth or Dare” right?

Phronesis: Nooo~ what truth or dare? Haha, you’re one skeptical creature

*girl starts walking again*

Phronesis: hey, slow down mann.. relax! not gonna do anything to you! ;P

*girl continues to ramble about truth or dare*

*I continue to walk her*

Phronesis: Where you heading? :p

Girl: Oh, i’m bringing food home to my family

Phronesis: Oh, you stay around here?

Girl: Yeah, nearby here, just a few bus-stops away

*Bus comes*

Girl: hey, my bus is here, need to go

Phronesis: What? I just met you.. and you’re leaving me here… ALL ALONE?

Girl: *smiles* haha, i’ll see you around k? I come here quite a bit

Phronesis: K then, it was nice meeting you… see ya!


Post-Approach Analysis of DayGame Set:

  • The girl thought i was playing “Truth or Dare” — well, its really quite difficult when you meet someone skeptical. The only thing i could say was “What!? truth or dare, what u talking abt”
  • When a girl doesn’t feel fully comfortable with you, she’ll tend to want to move away. (i.e. Walk, give an excuse that she needs to go.
  • So when you open, always try to make the girl stop. (it also makes her think that she’s comfortable with you)

Things I will do to improve future DayGame sets:

  • Will try to stay rooted and not move when i deliver the opener (The girl will most likely stop when you don’t move along with her)
  • Will check my logistics more (maybe ask her where she was going first — i could have avoided her getting onto the bus so quickly by stopping her before she reached the interchange)

“DayGame” terms to ease you into my Upcoming Approach-Reports

18 Jun

Hello GUYS,

(I presume men are reading, as this blog is for the kind benefit of the male species that need more help in the dating department.)

Below are some DayGame dating terms that will help you in the understanding of reports that I will put up of my DayGame approaches.

  • Day Game” — simply, it means getting to know women randomly ANYWHERE. except clubs & pubs. E.g. Supermarket, on the streets.
  • Set” — The number of people in the group you approach. 1 person = “1 set”, 2 people = “2 set”
  • Opener ” — your 1st sentence to the woman/group
  • Number Close ” — the receiving/exchanging of contact details with the woman

Hopefully these will help you a little in digesting any future posts!

Don’t worry though, I’ll try my best to converse in layman terms 😉



P.S. do drop any questions you have in the comment section. i’ll be glad to answer them.

Finally begun talking to girls on the Singaporean streets (i.e. DayGame)

17 Jun

Really glad that I’ve begun my DayGame sessions (approaching women on the Singapore streets). It feels so refreshing!

There’s weirdly a lot of anxiety in opening every single girl.. But overcoming that anxiety just feels so awesome.


A typical Daygame approach

This is how opening a set (a girl, or a group of girls) in Daygame goes.

  1. I see her
  2. I think of opening
  3. Thought of opening makes me nervous & my heart just speeds incredibly
  4. I feel like giving up
  5. I feel pissed for feeling scared.. “i’m gonna let myself down if I don’t open! Argh. And so what if she rejects me?? I’m not gonna die”
  6. I force myself to walk over/follow behind her
  7. I just go into for “THE TAP” (on her elbow)
  8. She stops and I say, “Excuse me”
  9. I use a direct opener (I typically tell her that she’s cute. haha)
  10. She smiles + giggles (this is mind-boggling plus amazing to watch. haha)
  11. She’s either shy or open
  12. If she’s open — GREAT! Easy conversation and contact details exchange easily
  13. If she’s shy — well, I’m still figuring out how to handle this. Haha. Will share in coming weeks.

In the next few posts, I’ll be posting about the sets I’ve opened this past week. I’ve done 10 so far.

It’s been GREATx3 making new friends off the streets. I really hope to make this a habit. And I hope that you bring this into your life too! ;)) make new friends, and brighten someone’s day with a compliment!

Please add your thoughts & questions to the comments.. I’d be glad to know what you think 😉