Finally begun talking to girls on the Singaporean streets (i.e. DayGame)

17 Jun

Really glad that I’ve begun my DayGame sessions (approaching women on the Singapore streets). It feels so refreshing!

There’s weirdly a lot of anxiety in opening every single girl.. But overcoming that anxiety just feels so awesome.


A typical Daygame approach

This is how opening a set (a girl, or a group of girls) in Daygame goes.

  1. I see her
  2. I think of opening
  3. Thought of opening makes me nervous & my heart just speeds incredibly
  4. I feel like giving up
  5. I feel pissed for feeling scared.. “i’m gonna let myself down if I don’t open! Argh. And so what if she rejects me?? I’m not gonna die”
  6. I force myself to walk over/follow behind her
  7. I just go into for “THE TAP” (on her elbow)
  8. She stops and I say, “Excuse me”
  9. I use a direct opener (I typically tell her that she’s cute. haha)
  10. She smiles + giggles (this is mind-boggling plus amazing to watch. haha)
  11. She’s either shy or open
  12. If she’s open — GREAT! Easy conversation and contact details exchange easily
  13. If she’s shy — well, I’m still figuring out how to handle this. Haha. Will share in coming weeks.

In the next few posts, I’ll be posting about the sets I’ve opened this past week. I’ve done 10 so far.

It’s been GREATx3 making new friends off the streets. I really hope to make this a habit. And I hope that you bring this into your life too! ;)) make new friends, and brighten someone’s day with a compliment!

Please add your thoughts & questions to the comments.. I’d be glad to know what you think 😉





2 Responses to “Finally begun talking to girls on the Singaporean streets (i.e. DayGame)”

  1. Psymon September 27, 2011 at 5:42 am #

    Well done dude for finally having the guts to do it can you tell us more about how you fealt during your first approch and how it whent? Wish i could do it.

  2. Joel November 6, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

    Hey bro. Feels really awesome to know tt there is another brave soul out there doing approach in DAYGAME. I’ve always wanted to meet another partner with the same interest. Friends are all pussies n not willing to approach due to the 10000 millions excuses. So reach me at this number bro 81635792. It would be awesome to exchange some pointers n share our common interest.
    Cheers Joel

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