Approaching girls on Singapore streets [Daygame set #3]: – The friendly indonesian fashion student

2 Jul

Confident girls seem a lot friendlier in Daygame. This approach excellent because we had a great two-way conversation


Pre-Approach Assessment of DayGame Set

DayGame Location: In a neighborhood shopping mall beside an MRT

Girl details: The girl was alone, and she was constantly on the phone  (texting), she looked like she was waiting for someone because she walked soooo slowly. She looked about 20.



Miss Indonesia --- Ok, fine. She didn't look THAT good.


DayGame Dialogue – (Prominent Areas)

*Girl enters mall really slowly*

*I chase up with her really quickly — literally running into the mall* (When you feel like approaching, just GO for it – thinking too much will only make you feel like chickening out)

*I tapped her arm from the back*

Phronesis: Hi! *big smile* I saw you walking from outside the mall in here, and i thought you looked kinda cute. So i came over to talk to you… to see what kind of person you were.

*girl giggles*

girl: oh okay *smiles*

Phronesis: Hmm, are you don’t sound like you’re Singaporean (At this point I didn’t know what to say, so i made a statement — Figured that making statements when your mind is blank can really save you, as you sound a lot less like an interviewer)

girl: oh no, i’m not Singapore, but i’ve lived here for more than 10years!

(I noticed that we were in the way of people of walking into the mall – so i thought i’d move her to a random alley nearby that was empty)

Phronesis: hey, let’s move over here for a bit, we’re like blocking the way

girl: oh okay! *smiles*

*girl willingly complies and moves along* (you don’t have to ask her “hey, should we move over there?” – just tell her to move, and move YOURSELF, if your intentions are firm and confident, she WILL follow)

*We had a normal conversation from here, it was really comfortable and absolutely natural — i asked her about her where she schooled, her family that was overseas, and i shared with her about my school as well as my freelance work. It ended with a very natural number close & we agreed to meet for coffee*


Post-Approach Analysis of DayGame Set:

  • This girl was quite confident, and at times rather witty — i’m beginning to think that Daygame works better on girls / women who are used to being spoken to, and have rather developed social skills.
  • She was genuinely interested in knowing more about me when i spoke to her, it really helped the situation
  • THE FUNNY THING WAS THAT WHEN I LEFT THE MALL AND HUNG OUT WITH MY FRIENDS, I SAW HER WALKING OUT HAND IN HAND WITH ANOTHER GUY (so i guess, even attached girls love being complimented and spoken to)

Things I will do to improve future DayGame sets:

  • Although I think the set went really well, i think i could have gone for an instant date. It never did cross my mind, but i’ll try it and report back here 😉


– Phronesis

twitter ID: daygamejourney


3 Responses to “Approaching girls on Singapore streets [Daygame set #3]: – The friendly indonesian fashion student”

  1. Vincent Ignatius July 6, 2010 at 9:21 pm #

    Coffee is a sure way not to get physical. Go for drinks instead. If a girl insists on coffee, delete her number.

    • Phronesis (Singapore) October 31, 2010 at 11:13 pm #

      Hi Vincent, just wanted to say hi.
      I’m back. Haha

      • macthedon May 8, 2011 at 11:25 pm #

        Hi nice one..welll u have an advantage in singapore and other asian countries that u are white..u know that no offense..also is it ok to approach a girl from behind when she is walking away?
        but it takes a lot to just go and approach a girl..i try using the day game and it works sometimes.. but mostly i get blown off but its just practice and I like it :))

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