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REVIEW: Powers of Attraction (POA) Preview

26 Nov

Went for the POA (Powers of Attraction) preview course today after receiving a kind invitation from Paul Teo to meet some like-minded Singapore PUAs.

It was awesome to see some GENUINE self-belief in attendees after the highly-relevant role-plays and visuals examples. And i think that Paul and his guys (we’ll credit them as “S” and “J”) were doing a fantastic job in wiping away some ingrained self-inhibiting beliefs to make it seem perfectly fine to walk up to a girl, strike a conversation, and ask for a number.

Even though i’ve never been a fan of BootCamps (i seriously don’t believe 3 days of work can do anything much to restructure 30-years of in-built trash beliefs) – i think Paul has successfully created a self-sustaining community that will provide much needed support to his POA’s Bootcamp-gradients through their not-so-easy initial steps. Also, there is a 6-month mentorship assurance. impressive.

I personally believe that a great peer-support system is more crucial than ever. Thus from a slightly more experienced PUA’s point-of-view, I’d recommend POA’s Bootcamp as your best-bet if you’re looking to improve yourself in the Long Run. Why go through the tough journey alone?



My Daygame Objectives for Year 2011: by Phronesis Singapore

26 Nov

It’s been a blistering past couple of weeks

– Just got back into Daygame for a couple of weeks after a 3 month hiatus. 
– Picked up about 15 women to get back up to speed. (Been trying to do at least 1 per day)
– Set up Project Daygame Singapore – and brought some Fantastic Daygame PUAs together to support one another and grow as a Team. 
– Put up Social Media infrastructure to build and record our progress Digitally

..and now finally, i’ve had time to think about some simple things i want to achieve by the 1st quarter of 2011 (more specifically, 30 March 2011)

Mindset Achievements

– Become comfortable with people listening to my Daygame pick-up (I still feel self-conscious, but logically speaking — why should we even give a fuck about these people whom we’ll never see again)

Situational Achievements

– To be comfortable in approaching women inside MRT
– To be comfortable in approaching women on the MRT platforms
– STAY IN SET (for women who give me 1 word answers)
– STAY IN SET (for women who seem like they want to walk away)

Style Achievements

– To be proficient in Indirect Approaches as well
– To develop a mandarin script for Chinese speaking women (40% of the women so happen to be primarily chinese speaking)

Have you made your Daygame Resolutions?

What are some of the resolutions you’ve set yourself for Daygame. Would LOVE to hear them in the comments section.
If you haven’t done anything — perhaps its time you start.


Why is Phronesis back?

25 Nov

I promised you guys that i’d explain why i’m back — and here i am. 😉

I think Game is little bit of a paradox.

When you don’t know anything about it you get nowhere. But the more you know you know, you get so far ahead and develop such an abundance of choice that it seems that you become so willing to drop things – to go in search for even more answers.

I guess that was how my relationship ended. With every minor quarrel i had with her, the more i wondered, “is she the one?” — even though there was this other voice in my head trying to help her by saying “perhaps there is no perfect woman out there, perhaps they’re all like that, and PERHAPS you’re supposed to work things out instead of trying to find someone new all the time”.

But at the end of it all, i’ve found myself single again — trying to dig deep within me for the meaning in all this. It seems to have become a repetitive cycle for me. (it’s happened approximately 6 consecutive times?)

Usual Process of my Relationships

– Boy meets girl (in the usual bloody charming kinda way)
– Game game game
– Gets together with girl
– Gets kinda creeped out by girl’s neediness (which is perhaps a natural reaction)
– I start getting annoyed at girl for minor things (perhaps due to low attraction to her due to her newly revealed neediness)
– I start pondering whether 1) i should stick to the girl (because I can’t keep running away from these annoying arguments) — or 2) I should find someone that was “more compatible”
– I get opportunistically pissed at the next smallest incident OR just declaring that the feeling is lost
– I suggest a break-up
– I try my best to mend things in the prettiest way to keep her as a friend

Is this similar to a rich person who finds that he’s not yet contented with life, and decides to pursue even more riches in order to find “happiness” — Perhaps without realising that maybe happiness isn’t all about money, and perhaps he could satiate his thirst by merely looking within?

I’d like to ask all the PUAs out their opinions on these issues, hopefully you could share with me your perspectives — on how a man with Abundance should approach such issues

1. What do you think of the above? (u can be truthful) 😉
2. Do you think that quarrelling (even though they’re small issues) equates incompatibility?
3. Does attraction always drop after you get attached to the girl?
4. Do you think that one should work on issues… or find someone more compatible?
5. How’d you know if you should settle down with the girl?

I’d be glad to know your answers in the comments below.

– Pondering Phronesis