REVIEW: Powers of Attraction (POA) Preview

26 Nov

Went for the POA (Powers of Attraction) preview course today after receiving a kind invitation from Paul Teo to meet some like-minded Singapore PUAs.

It was awesome to see some GENUINE self-belief in attendees after the highly-relevant role-plays and visuals examples. And i think that Paul and his guys (we’ll credit them as “S” and “J”) were doing a fantastic job in wiping away some ingrained self-inhibiting beliefs to make it seem perfectly fine to walk up to a girl, strike a conversation, and ask for a number.

Even though i’ve never been a fan of BootCamps (i seriously don’t believe 3 days of work can do anything much to restructure 30-years of in-built trash beliefs) – i think Paul has successfully created a self-sustaining community that will provide much needed support to his POA’s Bootcamp-gradients through their not-so-easy initial steps. Also, there is a 6-month mentorship assurance. impressive.

I personally believe that a great peer-support system is more crucial than ever. Thus from a slightly more experienced PUA’s point-of-view, I’d recommend POA’s Bootcamp as your best-bet if you’re looking to improve yourself in the Long Run. Why go through the tough journey alone?



2 Responses to “REVIEW: Powers of Attraction (POA) Preview”

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  2. Singaporean March 11, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

    Never see you updating in 2 years.. What are you doing right now? Still in the game?

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