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Approaching Girls on Singapore Streets: – MyDayGameJourney is taking a Hiatus

21 Jul

I’m not sure if i should consider myself lucky. but I’m together with a girl now — only the 7th girl I’ve approached on the Singapore streets.

Truth be told, my reports are a little back-dated, I’m currently up to my 23rd approach. And I’m fortunate to have enough background knowledge in game to pick things up pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I do feel a sense of guilt in me every time I approach now – a feeling that I’m disappointing someone whom i care for. Therefore, I’ve decided to take a hiatus, and see where I go with this girl.


For now.

To satisfy your curiosity, here’s a quick Daygame report on how i closed her

  • Saw her with a guy outside NTUC  (a supermarket/grocery store in Singapore)
  • The guy left her, and she entered the supermarket
  • I followed
  • she was picking up some candy from the confectionery section, and i seriously CHICKENED OUT when I saw so many people near her. (I hate people listening over my shoulders when i pick up — i’ve even had someone taking pictures of me when i picked up this girl. YES, some people are weird here)
  • I grabbed something that I was supposed to buy anyway
  • Queued up behind her at the counter
  • She paid and walked off
  • In my head, I was like “FUCK!”
  • I grabbed my crap after paying for it
  • Ran up the escalator
  • Tapped her elbow from behind
  • Opened her straight out with my standard line — “Hey.. i know this is really random.. but  i was in your queue in the grocery store, & i thought you looked really cute. So i thought i’d talk to you to see what kind of person you were”
  • She giggled
  • And we talked talked talked
  • I asked her where she lived, and it was close-by, and i decided to walk her home
  • Number closed right at her door-step

I guess all of us have different objectives in Daygame dating.

  • Some of us just want to sleep with girls
  • Others just want to get over that approach anxiety that they’ve already grown to overcome in Night Game
  • For me, it is merely a personal challenge to get over approach anxiety, and open up my options on the streets

… And I’m now a contented and happy man. 😉

But if you’re a Daygamer from Singapore reading this, I’d still love to hear from you & know how you’re doing in your efforts.

Because I love Daygame, & I still look forward to developing the Daygame Community in Singapore for the long haul. Singapore guys are too shy for their own good.





twitter ID: daygamejourney


P.S. I’d like to take this chance to thank all the kind fellow bloggers who’ve commented and even put me on your blog roll. DON’T WORRY — I’ll be back.


Approaching girls on Singapore streets [Daygame set #3]: – The friendly indonesian fashion student

2 Jul

Confident girls seem a lot friendlier in Daygame. This approach excellent because we had a great two-way conversation


Pre-Approach Assessment of DayGame Set

DayGame Location: In a neighborhood shopping mall beside an MRT

Girl details: The girl was alone, and she was constantly on the phone  (texting), she looked like she was waiting for someone because she walked soooo slowly. She looked about 20.



Miss Indonesia --- Ok, fine. She didn't look THAT good.


DayGame Dialogue – (Prominent Areas)

*Girl enters mall really slowly*

*I chase up with her really quickly — literally running into the mall* (When you feel like approaching, just GO for it – thinking too much will only make you feel like chickening out)

*I tapped her arm from the back*

Phronesis: Hi! *big smile* I saw you walking from outside the mall in here, and i thought you looked kinda cute. So i came over to talk to you… to see what kind of person you were.

*girl giggles*

girl: oh okay *smiles*

Phronesis: Hmm, are you don’t sound like you’re Singaporean (At this point I didn’t know what to say, so i made a statement — Figured that making statements when your mind is blank can really save you, as you sound a lot less like an interviewer)

girl: oh no, i’m not Singapore, but i’ve lived here for more than 10years!

(I noticed that we were in the way of people of walking into the mall – so i thought i’d move her to a random alley nearby that was empty)

Phronesis: hey, let’s move over here for a bit, we’re like blocking the way

girl: oh okay! *smiles*

*girl willingly complies and moves along* (you don’t have to ask her “hey, should we move over there?” – just tell her to move, and move YOURSELF, if your intentions are firm and confident, she WILL follow)

*We had a normal conversation from here, it was really comfortable and absolutely natural — i asked her about her where she schooled, her family that was overseas, and i shared with her about my school as well as my freelance work. It ended with a very natural number close & we agreed to meet for coffee*


Post-Approach Analysis of DayGame Set:

  • This girl was quite confident, and at times rather witty — i’m beginning to think that Daygame works better on girls / women who are used to being spoken to, and have rather developed social skills.
  • She was genuinely interested in knowing more about me when i spoke to her, it really helped the situation
  • THE FUNNY THING WAS THAT WHEN I LEFT THE MALL AND HUNG OUT WITH MY FRIENDS, I SAW HER WALKING OUT HAND IN HAND WITH ANOTHER GUY (so i guess, even attached girls love being complimented and spoken to)

Things I will do to improve future DayGame sets:

  • Although I think the set went really well, i think i could have gone for an instant date. It never did cross my mind, but i’ll try it and report back here 😉


– Phronesis

twitter ID: daygamejourney

Approaching girls on Singapore streets [Daygame set #2]: girl – “i’m not shy, just feeling awkward”

28 Jun

Sometimes it is really hard in DayGame when the girl doesn’t help you out. The conversation becomes very one-sided & very interview-like. This set was pretty much like that. *GROANS*


Pre-Approach Assessment of DayGame Set

Location: – Outside a neighborhood mall (along the North-East Line)

Girl details: – The girl was sitting all alone outside the mall in an open area, seemingly waiting for someone. She looked kind of young (but whatever la huh, this is just for conversational practice ).

Daygame dating blog Singapore set2 shy girl

Little Miss Shy


DayGame Dialogue

Phronesis: Excuse me

*girl gives shy look*

Phronesis: I just saw you sitting alone, and i thought you looked really cute, so i came over to talk to you

girl: *smiles* oh okay *silence*

Phronesis: So you stay around here?

girl: yah*silence*

Phronesis: You look like a student, are you in poly?

girl: yah*silence*

[Insert some more random questions that i asked her, that resulted in the same predictable short responses]

*felt that i was pretty screwed anyway. so i decided to do some market research instead to check how girls feel on being approached*

Phronesis: Hmm, you seem a little scared, am i scaring you?

girl: er, no.. not scared.. just feeling awkward

Phronesis: Hmm, you’re not scared.. but you feel awkward because it’s the first time someone has approached and talked to you like this?

girl: yah.. *faint smile*

*super suay this time – THE BOYFRIEND COMES*

Phronesis: *looking at boyfriend* Hi !

*boyfriend gives me a faint smile + a “who is this!?” look to girlfriend*

Phronesis: *looking at girl* See you 😉 and pleasure meeting you.


Post-Approach Analysis of DayGame Set:

  • I guess sometimes in DayGame, we also tend to meet people who are less socialized, and these are people who are less comfortable with holding a conversation with a stranger (Even if you flash your most harmless smile that is famous for disabling aunties)
  • The set was not giving me any answers that I could feed on to build a conversation
  • I responded (perhaps poorly) by asking more questions

Things I will do to improve future DayGame sets:

  • I am beginning to feel that open-ended questions may not work as well as I thought. Because when the girl is shy, it WILL become an interview, and that is a place we do not want to head
  • Perhaps I will have to think of content about myself to “feed” the girl, to allow her to pick-off these topics and ask ME questions..



Approaching girls on Singapore streets [Daygame set #1]: girl – “you guys playing Truth or Dare right?”

27 Jun

This girl I picked-up during DayGame thought i was playing “Truth or Dare” with my male friends — Maybe she was right. Maybe i was playing “Dare”, but only with myself. 😉


Pre-Approach Assessment of DayGame Set

Location: Outside a neighborhood mall

Girl details: Girl was ta-paoing food for family i think — she was carrying a lot of packeted food

Daygame dating blog (singapore) - set1-Truth or dare

DayGame Dialogue

*Girl looks like she’s walking towards bus interchange*

Phronesis: Excuse me,

*girl stops*

Phronesis:i saw you walking.. and i thought that you looked really interesting.. so i came over to talk to you.

*girl giggles*

girl: you guys playing “Truth or Dare” right?

Phronesis: Nooo~ what truth or dare? Haha, you’re one skeptical creature

*girl starts walking again*

Phronesis: hey, slow down mann.. relax! not gonna do anything to you! ;P

*girl continues to ramble about truth or dare*

*I continue to walk her*

Phronesis: Where you heading? :p

Girl: Oh, i’m bringing food home to my family

Phronesis: Oh, you stay around here?

Girl: Yeah, nearby here, just a few bus-stops away

*Bus comes*

Girl: hey, my bus is here, need to go

Phronesis: What? I just met you.. and you’re leaving me here… ALL ALONE?

Girl: *smiles* haha, i’ll see you around k? I come here quite a bit

Phronesis: K then, it was nice meeting you… see ya!


Post-Approach Analysis of DayGame Set:

  • The girl thought i was playing “Truth or Dare” — well, its really quite difficult when you meet someone skeptical. The only thing i could say was “What!? truth or dare, what u talking abt”
  • When a girl doesn’t feel fully comfortable with you, she’ll tend to want to move away. (i.e. Walk, give an excuse that she needs to go.
  • So when you open, always try to make the girl stop. (it also makes her think that she’s comfortable with you)

Things I will do to improve future DayGame sets:

  • Will try to stay rooted and not move when i deliver the opener (The girl will most likely stop when you don’t move along with her)
  • Will check my logistics more (maybe ask her where she was going first — i could have avoided her getting onto the bus so quickly by stopping her before she reached the interchange)