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Approaching Girls on Singapore Streets: – MyDayGameJourney is taking a Hiatus

21 Jul

I’m not sure if i should consider myself lucky. but I’m together with a girl now — only the 7th girl I’ve approached on the Singapore streets.

Truth be told, my reports are a little back-dated, I’m currently up to my 23rd approach. And I’m fortunate to have enough background knowledge in game to pick things up pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I do feel a sense of guilt in me every time I approach now – a feeling that I’m disappointing someone whom i care for. Therefore, I’ve decided to take a hiatus, and see where I go with this girl.


For now.

To satisfy your curiosity, here’s a quick Daygame report on how i closed her

  • Saw her with a guy outside NTUC  (a supermarket/grocery store in Singapore)
  • The guy left her, and she entered the supermarket
  • I followed
  • she was picking up some candy from the confectionery section, and i seriously CHICKENED OUT when I saw so many people near her. (I hate people listening over my shoulders when i pick up — i’ve even had someone taking pictures of me when i picked up this girl. YES, some people are weird here)
  • I grabbed something that I was supposed to buy anyway
  • Queued up behind her at the counter
  • She paid and walked off
  • In my head, I was like “FUCK!”
  • I grabbed my crap after paying for it
  • Ran up the escalator
  • Tapped her elbow from behind
  • Opened her straight out with my standard line — “Hey.. i know this is really random.. but  i was in your queue in the grocery store, & i thought you looked really cute. So i thought i’d talk to you to see what kind of person you were”
  • She giggled
  • And we talked talked talked
  • I asked her where she lived, and it was close-by, and i decided to walk her home
  • Number closed right at her door-step

I guess all of us have different objectives in Daygame dating.

  • Some of us just want to sleep with girls
  • Others just want to get over that approach anxiety that they’ve already grown to overcome in Night Game
  • For me, it is merely a personal challenge to get over approach anxiety, and open up my options on the streets

… And I’m now a contented and happy man. 😉

But if you’re a Daygamer from Singapore reading this, I’d still love to hear from you & know how you’re doing in your efforts.

Because I love Daygame, & I still look forward to developing the Daygame Community in Singapore for the long haul. Singapore guys are too shy for their own good.





twitter ID: daygamejourney


P.S. I’d like to take this chance to thank all the kind fellow bloggers who’ve commented and even put me on your blog roll. DON’T WORRY — I’ll be back.


Finally begun talking to girls on the Singaporean streets (i.e. DayGame)

17 Jun

Really glad that I’ve begun my DayGame sessions (approaching women on the Singapore streets). It feels so refreshing!

There’s weirdly a lot of anxiety in opening every single girl.. But overcoming that anxiety just feels so awesome.


A typical Daygame approach

This is how opening a set (a girl, or a group of girls) in Daygame goes.

  1. I see her
  2. I think of opening
  3. Thought of opening makes me nervous & my heart just speeds incredibly
  4. I feel like giving up
  5. I feel pissed for feeling scared.. “i’m gonna let myself down if I don’t open! Argh. And so what if she rejects me?? I’m not gonna die”
  6. I force myself to walk over/follow behind her
  7. I just go into for “THE TAP” (on her elbow)
  8. She stops and I say, “Excuse me”
  9. I use a direct opener (I typically tell her that she’s cute. haha)
  10. She smiles + giggles (this is mind-boggling plus amazing to watch. haha)
  11. She’s either shy or open
  12. If she’s open — GREAT! Easy conversation and contact details exchange easily
  13. If she’s shy — well, I’m still figuring out how to handle this. Haha. Will share in coming weeks.

In the next few posts, I’ll be posting about the sets I’ve opened this past week. I’ve done 10 so far.

It’s been GREATx3 making new friends off the streets. I really hope to make this a habit. And I hope that you bring this into your life too! ;)) make new friends, and brighten someone’s day with a compliment!

Please add your thoughts & questions to the comments.. I’d be glad to know what you think 😉



Phronesis Podcast 1 — An Introduction

14 Apr


There’s no point talking talking talking about game. I have to just do it.

Tip1: When your mind is blank in set (because you’re thinking of e next thing today) — make statements. she’ll respond
E.g. “you seem like someone with a lot of energy..”

Tip2: Make Eye-contact — could even open based on that

Tip3: Think of what to comment on girls’ clothes


E.g. “where u from?” — “oh, which part of london?” — “wow, thats must be a nice street. anything happening there?” — “like…. hmm, festivals or something?”

… i really gotta TRY these things.