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“DayGame” terms to ease you into my Upcoming Approach-Reports

18 Jun

Hello GUYS,

(I presume men are reading, as this blog is for the kind benefit of the male species that need more help in the dating department.)

Below are some DayGame dating terms that will help you in the understanding of reports that I will put up of my DayGame approaches.

  • Day Game” — simply, it means getting to know women randomly ANYWHERE. except clubs & pubs. E.g. Supermarket, on the streets.
  • Set” — The number of people in the group you approach. 1 person = “1 set”, 2 people = “2 set”
  • Opener ” — your 1st sentence to the woman/group
  • Number Close ” — the receiving/exchanging of contact details with the woman

Hopefully these will help you a little in digesting any future posts!

Don’t worry though, I’ll try my best to converse in layman terms 😉



P.S. do drop any questions you have in the comment section. i’ll be glad to answer them.