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Approaching girls on Singapore streets [Daygame set #1]: girl – “you guys playing Truth or Dare right?”

27 Jun

This girl I picked-up during DayGame thought i was playing “Truth or Dare” with my male friends — Maybe she was right. Maybe i was playing “Dare”, but only with myself. 😉


Pre-Approach Assessment of DayGame Set

Location: Outside a neighborhood mall

Girl details: Girl was ta-paoing food for family i think — she was carrying a lot of packeted food

Daygame dating blog (singapore) - set1-Truth or dare

DayGame Dialogue

*Girl looks like she’s walking towards bus interchange*

Phronesis: Excuse me,

*girl stops*

Phronesis:i saw you walking.. and i thought that you looked really interesting.. so i came over to talk to you.

*girl giggles*

girl: you guys playing “Truth or Dare” right?

Phronesis: Nooo~ what truth or dare? Haha, you’re one skeptical creature

*girl starts walking again*

Phronesis: hey, slow down mann.. relax! not gonna do anything to you! ;P

*girl continues to ramble about truth or dare*

*I continue to walk her*

Phronesis: Where you heading? :p

Girl: Oh, i’m bringing food home to my family

Phronesis: Oh, you stay around here?

Girl: Yeah, nearby here, just a few bus-stops away

*Bus comes*

Girl: hey, my bus is here, need to go

Phronesis: What? I just met you.. and you’re leaving me here… ALL ALONE?

Girl: *smiles* haha, i’ll see you around k? I come here quite a bit

Phronesis: K then, it was nice meeting you… see ya!


Post-Approach Analysis of DayGame Set:

  • The girl thought i was playing “Truth or Dare” — well, its really quite difficult when you meet someone skeptical. The only thing i could say was “What!? truth or dare, what u talking abt”
  • When a girl doesn’t feel fully comfortable with you, she’ll tend to want to move away. (i.e. Walk, give an excuse that she needs to go.
  • So when you open, always try to make the girl stop. (it also makes her think that she’s comfortable with you)

Things I will do to improve future DayGame sets:

  • Will try to stay rooted and not move when i deliver the opener (The girl will most likely stop when you don’t move along with her)
  • Will check my logistics more (maybe ask her where she was going first — i could have avoided her getting onto the bus so quickly by stopping her before she reached the interchange)